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Kaz Wilson

I’m Passionate About Helping You Achieve Your Nutrition and Wellness Goals

A passionate Nutritionist & wild forager of weeds/superfoods as well as edible/medicinal plants, both wild and cultivated. Kaz believes in the of Hippocrates Oath of Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food. She weaves this together by being out in nature, connecting to what is naturally available to us, reconnecting to plants that have been forgotten and that can nourish and heal us. Through nature and mindful food preparation, Kaz takes you on a wild, delicious, super-nutrition adventure for mind, body and soul. True nourishment.
Nutritional Food Therapist, Horticulturist, Int.Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher. Nutritional Farming.

Empowering Your Journey to Wellness

Grow a New Body program

A life-changing group program taking health and well-being into your own hands.


There are two options for consult packages to suit your budget and needs.

It’s Never Too Late. Ready to Take Control?

Our expert nutrition coaches are here to guide you on a journey to a healthier, happier you. Our deep-rooted enthusiasm drives us to support you in reaching your nutrition and wellness aspirations. We’re here to provide guidance and expertise tailored to your individual goals. Our passion lies in empowering you to lead a healthier, more fulfilling life through improved nutrition and overall well-being.

We have the innate ability to heal ourselves…

My strengths lie in my commitment to personalisation. I understand that every individual has unique health goals and dietary preferences.

Grow a New Body program

R1800: Group program, daily WhatsApp support on the group, personal support available when needed (Health questionnaire filled out for Kaz to be aware of individuals needs), 1 group Zoom meeting/training, concise manual pdf and recipe book pdf created by Kaz. 28 days of support and Kaz’s availability for 2 weeks thereafter as you progress into maintenance mode with these life-changing tools.

Note: All of the above excludes travel expenses if any and excludes supplements and ingredients.

Consult package 1

We are with you every step of the way. Regular check-ins and adjustments to your plan ensure that you’re on the right track. Have questions or need guidance? We’re just a message away.

Consult package 2

R1200 (1 hour required via Zoom or in person if possible) includes 4 x WhatsApp follow-ups, once a week, weekly for 4 weeks:

This entails Kaz checking your food diary and then replying with advice on how to adjust according to food reactions, etc to work at improving health and releasing unwanted symptoms.

Amazing Products & Retreats Coming Soon

We will be adding a variety of awesome products and listing our upcoming retreats soon, so make sure you visit again soon. 

"The Grow a New Body Program has literally changed my life. I found that having a group and Kaz to support me has made the hugest impact. I can't recommend this enough... gift yourself the gift of health"

"Amazing Food! Do yourself a favour and take a class with Kaz. Amazing hints and tips! Always great energy! Good for the soul ❤️."

"Great products made locally with love💜 and Kaz is just amazing!"


Zuvuya Mountain Sanctuary, Dargle, KZN, South Africa

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